7 valuable tips against the nervousness during the job interview

Preparation creates security:

The more you know about the company or the better you have prepared yourself for the interview, the less you need to be afraid of being distracted by questions about Facts.

Be confident:

The company that invited you to the interview wants a qualified employee and has chosen you because you could be that person. This should not make you arrogant, because there are usually several applicants. Nevertheless: Don’t make yourself unnecessarily small and be proud of what you have achieved so far.

Practice, practice, practice:

Play the application situation several times alone in front of the mirror, with friends or family. It also helps to think about how to react to unpleasant questions. But remember, don’t go crazy and don’t get upset. You will see that such a conversation is usually not so bad and the more experiences you gain, the less nervous you are before the unknown.

The company also applies:

Not only you apply, also the company applies –  for you. In addition, the interview is important for your decision as to whether the advertised position and the company really meet your expectations.

Practice makes perfect:

We don’t want to send you from interview to interview now, but you should have the following in mind: The exercise also makes you a master when it comes to introducing, and there is usually little you can lose. But you can gain a lot: the chance for a better job or a free interview training – combined with the check how much you are currently “worth” as a person on the job market.


Mental preparation:

Try to calm yourself down, focus and concentrate on the job interview. Smile – this also calms you down – and look your interviewer in the eye in a friendly way.


Last but not least:

Stay true to yourself. The more authentic, the better.