The history of WECUBEX GmbH

1964 Foundation of today’s WECUBEX Rohrtechnik as “Rohrtechnik Osthoff GmbH”
1971 Purchase of Rohrtechnik Oshoff GmbH by Wuppermann AG
1998 Foundation of today’s WECUBEX Systemtechnik as “KLB Blech in Form GmbH” in Herbolzheim, Germany
2000 Foundation of today’s WECUBEX Fertigungstechnik as “H&B Fertigungstechnik GmbH” in Thalgau, Austria
2001 Foundation of today’s WECUBEX Systemtechnik s.r.o. as a production site of Wuppermann AG in Holysov, Czech Republic
2008 Acquisition and integration of H&B Fertigungstechnik GmbH into Wuppermann AG
2010 Purchase and integration of Eroform GmbH into the Wuppermann Group
2011 Acquisition and integration of KLB Blech in Form GmbH into Wuppermann AG
2014 Transfer of the production of the former Eroform (stainless steel pipe) from Wilnsdorf in Sauerland to Rohrtechnik in Burgbernheim
2017 Founding of WECUBEX GmbH and and purchase of the sites on 1.1.2018