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WECUBEX – more than just a safe workplace

As a responsible employer, we do everything we can to ensure that you feel at home in our company. It is just as important to us that you and your family quickly feel at home in your new environment. Here you can find out what our individual locations have to offer in addition to their work.

Our locations

Burgbernheim, Germany

About 6,500 inhabitants live in the Bavarian administrative community Burgbernheim. It consists of the communities Burgbernheim, Marktbergel, Illesheim and Gallmersgarten and is located in the district Neustadt a. d. Aisch – Bad Windsheim. The region is conveniently located between Würzburg and Nürnberg and can be easily reached from all directions.

Burgbernheim has a group practice, a general practitioner, a naturopathic practice, a dental practice and a pharmacy. There is also a practice for physiotherapy and massage, various studios for cosmetics and medical foot care, a practice for holistic learning (AD(H)S learning workshop) and a midwife.

Supermarkets, bakeries, hairdressers, driving schools, petrol stations, banks, beverage markets, butchers, car repair shops, travel agencies and various restaurants comprehensively cover all the needs of daily life. Children and families are also cared for: there is a kindergarten with a group of toddlers, a primary school, a secondary school and secondary schools in the surrounding area.

For young and old there are numerous leisure and sports activities and worthwhile destinations in the surrounding area.

Herbolzheim, Germany

Herbolzheim is a town in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg in the district of Emmendingen. It is located at the western edge of the middle Black Forest, about 30 kilometers north of Freiburg im Breisgau. Herbolzheim has almost 11,000 inhabitants, the districts Bleichheim, Broggingen, Herbolzheim, Tutschfelden and Wagenstadt belong to it.

The city is well connected to the national road network by the federal motorway 5, also in the direction of Switzerland and France. The railway station is located on the Basel – Offenburg section of the Rhine Valley Railway. Herbolzheim has four primary schools, one secondary school as well as a school for the learning disabled and offers everything you need to live.

Couples and families feel equally at home here, because Herbolzheim is interesting and worth seeing. On the one hand there are worthwhile destinations in the city, such as city garden, swimming pool, Kirnburg ruins, museums and a varied gastronomy. On the other hand, numerous hiking trails lead into a fascinating nature with wonderful views of the Rhine plain and the Vosges and Black Forest heights. In addition, there is the world-famous Europa-Park in the nearby town of Rust: it is perfect for a family trip.

Holysov, Czech Republic

Holysov is a town with 4.940 inhabitants in the western part of the Czech Republic. Surrounded by forests and embedded in the Radbuza valley, the town is only 40 km away from the German border. Pilsen is 18 km away. Holysov has a good road connection (Bundestrasse 26 Pilsen-Cham) and a good railway connection (Bahn Pilsen-Fürth im Wald) directly in the village.

From kindergarten, primary school, banks and specialist shops to well-filled market halls and active sports clubs, the town offers everything you need to live – even as a family. Cultural and sporting events take place throughout the year. The nearby town of Pilsen offers numerous other events.

Thalgau, Austria

The market town Thalgau with about 6.000 inhabitants is located in Austria in the Salzburg Flachgau. Thalgau lies only 18 kilometres east of Salzburg and is also known as the “gateway to the Salzkammergut”. With the Flachgau and its lakes in the north and the mountains and lakes of the Salzkammergut in the south and west, there are many worthwhile recreational destinations.

The village is strongly influenced by agriculture and its industrial centre. From 2000 onwards, a large number of larger commercial and industrial enterprises could be settled in addition to the established enterprises, which greatly improved the job situation for the population. The WECUBEX production technology is also located here.

Thalgau has been the only Austrian venue for the World Cup in parachute jumping since 2010. The event is attended by around 10,000 guests every year. The municipality also has numerous sports clubs, including football, tennis, cross-country skiing, marksmen, climbing and children’s gymnastics.

The Thalgau School Centre is important for families: here you will find a primary school, a new secondary school, a polytechnic school, a kindergarten, a crèche and an after-school care centre.

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