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Special applications require special materials

Assemblies that are exposed to the highest demands under the most diverse environmental conditions require the use of particularly demanding materials.

WECUBEX is one of the few suppliers that is at home both in lightweight construction (aluminium) and in heavy, safety-relevant assemblies. Our processing competence includes the most varied material combinations for the highest demands in terms of temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, continuous load, peak load and failure tolerance.

Whether in the air (Air & Space), on land (Off-Road) or at sea (Off-Shore) – the assemblies we produce and, in some cases, co-developed for customers, prove themselves successfully in a wide variety of military applications. For years WECUBEX has been a reliable and DIN 2303 certified partner of the most renowned European OEMs in the defence sector.

Our locations in several European countries enable us to flexibly and comprehensively meet the requirements of public/state end customers for “local content”. We are also known as a strong partner with staying power for projects that extend over long periods of time.

When it comes to development and project management, we attach great importance to comprehensive consulting and cooperation. And thanks to our certified business and logistics processes, the traceability of components and raw materials is also possible without any problems.

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