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Professional value analysis: optimize products, reduce costs

A structured value analysis is recommended for a variety of reasons: For example, if you believe that your product will be too expensive to manufacture. Or if it seems oversized, visually unattractive or outdated. If you want to change this situation, WECUBEX is your partner.

Our experts proceed systematically with the value analysis. Based on EN 12 973, VDI 2800, they work with you to draw up your personal project plan. The goals are a considerable improvement of product and technical processes while simultaneously reducing effort and costs.


The focal points of our value analysis:

  • Weight saving
  • Material optimization
  • Quality improvements
  • Process optimizations
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fewer parts for the same function
  • Reduction of production and set-up times
  • Creation of an optimal sales appearance
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